An unfortunate Japanese lesson omg


So, I tried my first natto today. I had my kids take a picture, but a few of them photobombed so I can’t post it, because…yeah I’m against posting photos of other people’s kids. Also they’re just trolling me. 

For those of you who don’t know, natto is fermented soybeans. It doesn’t smell very good, but the taste is milder than I’d expected. Honestly, they just kinda taste like slightly dusty old beans to me. Not bad.



"Nebaneba" is the Japanese word for…well, there’s no exact literal translation. Basically it is what it is, which is sticky stringy slimy. It’s the messiest, grossest thing I’ve ever eaten. The texture is just appalling. And NO ONE WARNED ME. After it was over, every single person I encountered went,

Them: “Kyuu shoku kyo wa natto.”
Me: *grumpily* “Hai.”
Them: “Daijyobu desu ka?”
Me: *glare* “Hai, daijyobu desu.”
Them: “Ehh? Okay? Oishii?”
Me: *defiantly* “Hai. Oishii desu.”
Them: *laughing* “Nebaneba, desho?”
Me: *cries*

In other words, they made fun of me because the nebaneba thing fucking BLINDSIDED me.